Friday, August 22, 2008

maung aye bio data from NLD LA Korea

Maung Aye
Vice-Chairman SPDC

Early life

Born: 25 December 1937


- Graduate of Defense Services Academy – 1st batch career soldier
- 1980s – Commander in Eastern region
- Regarded as a ruthless field soldier and field commander
- Rumored to have received CIA training
- 1 of 21 original members of SLORC

Leadership initiatives

- At least at one stage, regarded by NLD and ASSK as someone they might be able to work with
- Reported to rarely venture outside of War Office anymore, with exception of ceremonial duties
- Does not approve of ceasefire groups maintaining arms


- Allegedly strong links to drug lords
- Heavy drinker
- Believed to be pro-Indian (relative to many others in leadership)
Wife – Mya Mya San; Daughter – Nandar Aye (spouse of Major Pye Aung)
Officer Commission number 7875

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